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Established in 1983, under the tutelage of Serverino Sciarretta.

VAS Construction specialized in superior quality construction both commercial and residential led by son, Vincent. From the onset, whether it was the creation of a luxury condominium complex or quality locale retail space, no endeavor was too big or small. Almost twenty eight years later Vincent Sciarretta, now known as VAS Construction, Inc. has grown into a building service provider whose professionalism and hands on approach have made him a success.

In recent years, Vincent has enjoyed bringing together his knowledge of construction and his appreciation of old world craftsmanship. Trained in the European methods of his late father, Vincent has tremendous expertise in the process of building a residential creation. A master in the industry, with a particular in-depth knowledge of stone masonry, he applies his skills and his eye to residential projects, delighting in their successful completion and working closely with clients on every detail.

VAS Construction employs a wide range of master craftsmen and draws regularly on subcontractors with a history of proven work performance and excellence.